What Is, Is Enough

Bringing a spiritual perspective to world events and daily life.

You tell me you're out of work and coming to the end of your finances. You don't see any employment prospects and you don't really feel qualified to fill any job that is available. I can share some ideas that may help you find the work and the prosperity that you need.

From the Bible's teaching, I have learned that we never need be the victims of circumstance-we can be the masters of circumstance. We are masters by means of what we know. "Meet every adverse circumstance as its master," we read in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (p. 419). This book, written by Mary Baker Eddy, is an explanation of the spiritual message of the Bible, and especially of what Christ Jesus revealed of God's Word. Mrs. Eddy discovered Christian Science in 1866. This Science shows that each circumstance represents a mental stance, a point of view, an interpretation of what is. It does not matter if the situation involves wealth or poverty; our lives reflect what we hold as truth.

In the Bible, that which opposes good is called "the accuser" (see Revelation 12:10). The place evil always aims at is "enough;" it accuses us of not having enough or being enough. It says, "I don't have enough patience, intelligence, employment, income, etc." Or, "I'm not a good enough parent, a good enough student, a good enough marriage prospect, etc." It threatens us with tomorrow's disasters. The Science of Christ counters these threats with spiritual facts. To be the master of circumstances, we must specifically reverse the accuser's claims with these counter-facts. We must know God and His divine laws, which can truly supply us through His power and good intention for each of us. God, being All, is enough. Because God is ever present, and because He is good, our good is ever present and always sufficient.

Believing that we may gain some good tomorrow that is lacking today is believing that God is not now All. Christian Science is all about our wholeness, or completeness, as God's spiritual offspring. This isn't a future state of being; it's now. Lack of good is a belief of incompleteness. It is only a belief. The conditions in our lives change as we change what we believe, or, more accurately, exchange our beliefs for spiritual facts.

This is not an intellectual process-it is a worshipful process. It is humbly relinquishing something false. It is leaning on God by acknowledging that His love and blessing are real and are enough. It is affirming that who I am and what I have must forever be enough for today's demands. It opens our eyes to real and practical abundance all around us. It involves thinking specific kinds of thoughts and refusing to think other kinds of thoughts. It requires seeing the truth of this statement Mrs. Eddy wrote: "Never ask for to-morrow: it is enough that divine Love is an ever-present help; and if you wait, never doubting, you will have all you need every moment" (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 307). Opportunity becomes visible through this process.

Look out into the early morning darkness and you see nothing. But as the dawn progresses, objects begin to appear, and soon you see a world that was invisible before. That is just how this spiritual process works. Because you understand that God is the supplier of all good, you trust that prosperity is present, although you cannot see it. Gratitude for present good starts the dawning of the truth in our thought and dispels the darkness of fear.

Other people are not really a factor in your dependable supply of good. Abundance is natural and inevitable because you reflect God. As you lean on Him, you lean less on people and feel less beholden to them. You, yourself, are a treasure to God, and as you see His many blessings, you let light shine out and extinguish the darkness of lack. You find that what is, is always enough.

Prove me . . . saith the Lord

. . . if I will not open you

the windows of heaven,

and pour you out a blessing,

that there shall not be room

enough to receive it.

Malachi 3:10

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