Critter Quiz

You may have heard of all these animals, but have you ever seen them like this? Fur, feathers, and scales are hard to figure out when you get this close. Look at the pictures carefully and read the clues before you peek at the answers at the bottom of this page. A hint before you begin: Some are house pets, some are wild. Some are wet, but most are mild.

Extra credit: What is remarkable about the arrangement of the colors in photo No. 2? Answers: 1. Shar Pei (dog); 2. macaw; 3. cat; 4. Galapagos tortoise; 5. sea turtle; 6. sea lion; 7. African gray parrot; 8. blue-footed booby. Extra credit: The colors are in the same order as a real rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue.

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