Hummer: Road Hog or Environmental Hazard?

Regarding the business-page article "Hummer: a Road Hog That Handles Nicely," Aug. 16: Have AM General and its civilian customers never heard of C.A.F.E. standards and energy conservation?

Whether someone can afford the cost of the vehicle and the fuel to operate it is not the point. The point is that our energy-dependent economy cannot afford vehicles like this.

Robert Thomson

St. Charles, Mo.

Get it right!

In the cartoon "English Only: Why Stop With Just the Language?" Aug. 9, it appears that the bonnet - not the boot - is raised on the English car. So shouldn't the steering wheel be on the other side from where it is?

Earl H. Byleen

Stromsburg, Neb.

Feeding babies ... naturally

I was disappointed in the article "Feeding Babies vs. Fueling Competition," Aug. 22.

Nowhere in the article does the author mention the free feeding choice available to nearly every mother and family: breastfeeding.

Who cares about formula company profits? If families really want to save money, they should ignore the formula and breastfeed their babies. It is healthier for them and their mothers anyway. If you really want to do a story that shows the shame of corporate America, write about how industry and government continue to promote the feeding choice that is a distant second in quality to a mother's breastmilk.

Jon Ahrendsen

Clarion, Iowa

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