From the Editor in Chief, The Christian Science Publishing Society

Today's children need help.

In country after country, millions are poorly educated, malnourished, or homeless. Even in the most prosperous nations, children struggle with domestic abuse, broken families, drugs, joblessness, and crime.

The problems are monumental. For example, while nearly 1 billion children in the Northern Hemisphere are going back to school after the summer holiday, tens of millions of other boys and girls in Africa, Asia, and Latin America will never see a classroom. In 14 less-developed countries where children do receive an education, schools usually lack toilets or chalkboards, and classrooms are crowded with an average of 112 students.

To highlight the problems of children and the work being done to solve them, the Christian Science Publishing Society is launching a focus called "Safeguarding the Children." The project will continue throughout the rest of 1996.

In today's issue, the Monitor begins a series about the growing worldwide problem of child prostitution. From September through December, other reports will deal with domestic abuse, education, safety, and health. A major thrust of the project will be finding ways to help youths develop a sense of self-worth and responsibility. All the reports on children's issues will be available on the Monitor's Internet edition (

Monitor Radio, the domestic broadcast arm of The Christian Science Monitor, also will address several critical children's issues during September. These reports can also be heard on the Christian Science Church's worldwide shortwave broadcast service. More information about times and frequencies can be found on the Monitor's Web site.

The Christian Science Sentinel, the weekly magazine that watches trends from a spiritual perspective, will publish articles and editorials that address child abuse, suicide, school challenges, and violence directed at young people.

The September issue of The Christian Science Journal, the monthly magazine focusing on the practicality of Christian healing, will feature an article and two editorials dealing with parenting, school safety, and overcoming abuse.

The Herald of Christian Science, translated into many different languages, will carry articles on these subjects applicable to the countries where each edition circulates.

Many of the 2,400 Christian Science Reading Rooms throughout the world will highlight publications focused on children, including Bible lessons. A special leaflet entitled "Breaking the Circle of Abuse," the true story about a family and how they stopped abuse, is being issued.

We hope these modest steps will help readers safeguard our most precious resource - our children.

J . Anthony Periton

Editor in Chief

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