The US, UN, And a 'New World Order'

The article "When Conspiracy Theory Replaces Thought," May 13, contends that America is threatened by paranoid crackpots who believe that there is a One-World conspiracy.

These crackpots are actually sincere Americans who are concerned because there seems to be more and more evidence pointing to a movement that would promote a "New World Order." Under this movement, there would be one government for the world, situated at the United Nations. The announced goal of those who have formed this movement is world peace, but a closer look indicates that they seek world control.

In 1994, I obtained a copy of the "Human Development Report for 1994," a 226-page book published by the UN Development Programme. It carries the signature of the UNDP Administrator, James Gustave Speth.

On Page 88 we read: "Mankind's problems can no longer be solved by national governments. What is needed is a World government." This utopian statement elevates the matter of theory to its author's desire. On Page 21, the book refers to the idea of one world: "The concept of one world on one planet simply cannot emerge from an unequal world. Nor can shared responsibility for the wealth of the global commons be created without a measure of shared global prosperity."

Nothing seems to be left to the people or to the nation, which will no longer exist as an independent entity. Because our leaders continue to support membership in the UN, I recommend that all Americans obtain and read this book.

US policy, "State Department Document #7277," was presented to the UN General Assembly by President John F. Kennedy on Sept. 25, 1961. It sets forth three stages of disarmament that culminate in what the document states: "Progressive control disarmament ... would proceed to the point where no state would have the military power to challenge the progressively strengthened UN Peace Force."

All Americans should be concerned about the deepening commitment of our nation to the UN, especially regarding the use of our military. Happily, many are becoming aware because of the efforts of groups like the John Birch Society and information provided by radio talk shows. The author has attacked these messengers instead of steering more Americans to their important messages.

Ken Wait

Katy, Texas

[Editors' note: Both the Democrat-held White House and Republican-led Congress, far from promoting the UN, are currently engaged in a campaign to replace the UN secretary-general, cut the UN budget and staff, and shrink UN peacekeeping forces.]

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