Danish Food: Don't Do As the Americans Do

Regarding the article "When in Denmark, Do as the Americans Do," Aug. 1: Too bad the author didn't bother to read a tour guide before her trip to Copenhagen. She gives the impression of believing she was traveling to a desolate backwater instead of a sophisticated city praised for its urbane amenities. And her trashing of Danish food sounds like an excuse to indulge in the overseas fast-food that she was afraid to eat at home.

This American found plenty of good eats on the streets of Copenhagen - a large variety of "polser" sausages, served with chili sauce and curry mayo, crisp cheese sandwiches, and the best ice cream. To round out a lunch or dinner on the run, I'd drop by a produce stand and fill up on local veggies or fruit imported from Spain.

My husband and I fantasize about a return trip to Copenhagen. As soon as we could, we'd hop on our bikes and ride out to our favorite polser kiosk by the beach. Danish food is delicious!

Elizabeth Softky

Takoma Park, Md.

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