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MAN'S FAVORITE SPORT? - Our hero is a sporting-goods salesman who literally wrote the book on how to fish like an expert, but when his boss decides he should enroll in a high-profile fishing tournament, he's forced to reveal that he's never caught as much as a mackerel in his life. Rock Hudson plays the department-store sportsman, and Paula Prentiss gives a terrific comic performance as the public-relations hustler who offers to hold his hand as he confronts the great outdoors for the first time. Produced and directed by the great Howard Hawks, who brings the same split-second finesse to this likable 1964 romp as to his '30s classic "Bringing Up Baby," which clearly inspired it. Henry Mancini composed the melodic score. (Not rated; MCA/Universal Home Video)


"The Children of Marx and Coca-Cola" is the alternate title for Jean-Luc Godard's classic study of French youth in the middle '60s. The film stars Jean-Pierre Laud as a budding sociologist who chases a pretty pop singer when he isn't busy chatting in Paris cafes, protesting the Vietnam War, or quizzing his acquaintances on their opinions about life and love. The movie is stitched together with an energy and unpredictability that vividly illustrate Godard's revolutionary approach to screen storytelling. First released in 1966. (Not rated; New Yorker Video)

THE MISFITS - Fresh from a Reno divorce, city woman Marilyn Monroe meets up with hardened cowboy Clark Gable and drunken rodeo rider Montgomery Clift. They threaten what's left of her idealism with their hard-bitten ways but back off just in time for a more-or-less happy ending. John Huston directed this uneven but engrossing 1961 drama from Arthur Miller's screenplay. Monroe and Gable in their last screen appearances make this a must for Hollywood buffs. The picture also gives a persuasive lesson in treating fully adult material without lapsing into the bad taste that more recent movies often thrive on. (Not rated; MGM/UA Home Video)

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