Show Cyprus in One Color

The maps that accompany the article "Israel Wins New Friends, And Isolates an Old Enemy," April 17, and the opinion-page article "Some 'First Principles' to Avert a Future War Between Turkey and Greece," April 19, are misleading. Both show Cyprus divided and painted in two different colors; green for its northern area, the same color as Turkey, and yellow for its southern area, the same as Greece.

For the benefit of your readers, please be reminded that there is no Turkish or Greek Cyprus.

Since its independence from Great Britain in 1960, there exists only one sovereign state on Cyprus and that is the internationally recognized Republic of Cyprus, which comprises the entire island with the exception of the British sovereign bases.

A correct map of Cyprus should paint the entire territory of Cyprus in one color, but different than the ones used to indicate Turkey or Greece.

Lilian Tsappa


Press Attache

Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus

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