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UNDER SIEGE 2: DARK TERRITORY - First Steven Seagal rocked the boat in "Under Siege," and now he shakes up a train in the sequel. When ex-Navy seal Casey Ryback (Seagal) takes a vacation across the Western states with his niece, little does he know that international terrorists are also on board. After taking passengers hostage, they turn the Grand Continental into a control center and battleground, as their leader plans to blow up the Pentagon. But not to worry - as Ryback says, "I'm trained for this." It's typical Seagal: Punches and fists are exchanged; people are thrown off the train; and lots of explosions and machine guns round out the action. This movie may be suspenseful, but it gets tiresome to watch the excessive violence and rising body count. (R, Warner Bros.)

- Lisa Leigh Parney


Gorgeous but violent best describes this multiple-Oscar-nominated film about Scottish hero William Wallace during Scotland's independence campaign of the 13th century. Director and star Mel Gibson gives a believable performance as the reluctant warrior, and the romantic and political story lines are quite engaging. But the numerous battle scenes between the Scots and their English occupiers are perhaps best seen on a large screen because of the camera angles used for close combat. (R, Paramount Home Video)

- Terri Theiss


This Australian film is advertised as a comedy, but the story of a young woman's search for identity is tempered with sobering moments: the death of her mother, a serious illness of a friend, and the cruelness of family and so-called friends. Hoping to make her dream of marriage come true, Muriel (Toni Collette) leaves her meaningless life - spent mostly listening to Abba records - for adventures in the big city. Her walk down the aisle, though, takes a few unexpected turns. The film takes special care to develop its characters, who are each a bit eccentric but all the more real. (R, Miramax)

- Judy Nichols

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