Just What Is It?

Seeing is believing - or is it? Sometimes what we think we see isn't really there at all. And sometimes, when we look at an object up close, it can look like something we've never seen before.

Take a look at the pictures on this page and see if you can identify each item. You may have some of these objects at home. Others might not be quite so familiar. If you get stuck, read the clues near each photo. But don't be fooled. A good observer remembers to use his head as well as his eyes.

1. You wouldn't want to ski down this slippery slope, especially when it starts to unwind.

2. Tick-tack-toe, six in a row. They might like to play, but they're too busy keeping score.

3. Treads to help make tracks.

4. You may have to put your neck on the line when guessing this furry fellow.

5. This kind of sculpture is best appreciated by those with taste.

6. These colorful cords prefer to travel in packs.

7. This glass globe can take a hit and keep on spinning.

8. This thing may have its eye on you.

9. This object packs some crunch, but beware: soggy when wet.

10. These rainbows only appear when the music stops.

Answers: 1. Slinky; 2. Tops of felt-tip pens; 3. Sole of a tennis shoe; 4. A horse's neck;

5. Top of a chocolate bar; 6. Licorice; 7. Marble; 8. Potato; 9. Cracker; 10. Compact disc.

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