Notes From GOP Revolution

Notes From GOP Revolution

HOUSE Speaker Newt Gingrich (R) of Georgia has backed out of fund-raisers for two Indiana Republicans who defied him last week on a vote to send furloughed federal employees back to work.

Reps. Mark Souder and John Hostettler were told Tuesday that Mr. Gingrich could not attend their fund-raisers next Wednesday. Gingrich aide Tony Blankley said Gingrich had to ''prioritize'' his appointments and those who voted with the Speaker on the bill to end the partial government shutdown got preference.

PAT BUCHANAN is no fan of the spotted owl. But maybe he's just jealous.

During a stump speech in South Tamworth, N.H., the Republican presidential candidate decried an Oregon ruling protecting the rare spotted owl.

Mr. Buchanan says a federal judge required the government to set aside 9 million acres to protect the owls, which he says adds up to 2,000 acres per pair.

''I live on a half acre and I'm a rich guy,'' he says. ''Why do they need 2,000 acres per couple?''

PRESIDENTIAL hopeful Steve Forbes, taking flak for his uncompromising flat-tax plan, will not change it.

''He has not changed his plan; he has no plans to change his plan; his plan is only to tax it [income] once,'' campaign manager Bill Dal Col said yesterday.

On NBC's Meet the Press Sunday, Mr. Forbes said ''political necessity'' might force him to make changes. But Mr. Dal Col said the context was hypothetical.

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