Dishonoring Crazy Horse

THE renowned chief of the Oglala Sioux despised alcohol and what it did to many of his tribesmen. Hence the irony of having a brand of malt liquor named after him.

Minnesota recently joined Washington State in banning sales of the brand, which is owned by the Hornell Brewing Company of Brooklyn. According to reports, Minnesota law forbids selling beer by using "false or misleading" characterizations of "a living or dead American Indian."

Some may see political correctness in this, but we see correctness, period. American Indians have suffered enough humiliation over the years without having one of the great figures of their past dragged into promoting a product he loathed. Protests were in order. The company has voluntarily stopped distributing the malt liquor in states with large Indian populations. Americans elsewhere, hopefully, will exercise some respect and voluntarily refuse to buy it.

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