Cap COLAs to Put Fiscal House

In Order

Regarding the opinion-page article ''Federal Pensions: Budget Solution,'' Dec. 5: COLAs (cost-of-living adjustments) seem unrealistic when projected into the future and should be capped. We must ask ourselves: Is $9,670 a month a fairly earned pension from our government?

Something has gone awry. Many hard-working families are scraping by with earnings that don't even begin to touch the author's (and how many others'?) retirement package. We suspect that even he is amazed at the wealth available to him in his ''fixed income.'' We thank the author for being so forthright in his disclosures and in his cry to put our fiscal house in order.

Ann Archbold and Hugh Houck

Beaverton, Ore.

Trim the fat off sentences in print

The opinion-page article ''Language Must Change, but Must It Change This Way?'' Nov. 10, is indeed a refreshing article. It says what many readers frequently think. There are too many unnecessary words and expressions in print today. Do you suppose that columnists just use them to take up more space?

Henry G. Rutledge Jr. Davis, Calif.

Support for new activism in Ireland

Regarding the opinion-page article ''David Trimble - Ulster's Confident New Face,'' Nov. 28: I take issue with the author's use of the words ''misinformed'' and ''interfered.'' The IRA and Sinn Fein are engaged in a struggle of liberation. Ireland is England's oldest colony, and the current peace process is the endgame; the IRA has taken a decisive step in that process by declaring a cease-fire. I welcome David Trimble's new activism and new voice for democratic and nonviolent methods, and I support efforts for a united Ireland.

Virginia Davis Portland, Ore.

Electric cars mean cleaner air

The article ''Sparks Fly Over Electric-Car Mandate in California,'' Dec. 8, accurately publicizes the government's dilemma: Legislate changes in the market system or yield control to big business. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) would short-circuit this emerging technology and pull the plug on companies successfully meeting the 1998 deadline. They would also deprive consumers who want electric cars. The established petroleum market would be the only winner.

CARB should support the consumer's desire for clean air and an electric vehicle by standing tall.

Mark Stafford Concord, Calif.

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