Catholics and Northern Ireland's Troubles

I am dismayed by the Monitor's silence regarding discrimination against Catholics in its reporting on the Northern Ireland peace issue. In the article, ''Jobs Cement Northern Ireland's Truce,'' Nov. 27, the author says nothing about how various employers will treat civil rights issues for the Catholic population.

Also, in the opinion-page article ''David Trimble - Ulster's Confident New Face,'' Nov. 28, the author does not mention how this ''moderate'' Unionist will ensure that Catholics have equal employment rights.

Catholics have been discriminated against in Northern Ireland for the past two centuries. Indeed, that is the main reason for ''the troubles.'' There will never be peace in Northern Ireland without justice.

Joanne Callahan Garland, Texas

Chastity: a solution to abortion issue

The editorial ''The Abortion Divide'' makes a number of points about the discussion between abortion extremists at each end. The need to stop drawing caricatures of each other is good advice for participants in any dispute. The editorial equates pro-choice with the right to choose health-care treatment privately. The concern of choosing private health-care treatment is understandable, but the issue goes deeper. Many abortions are performed as a means of whimsical birth control. Neither side seems willing to address the largest issue of all: What are the rules that contribute most greatly to both an individual's and society's progress?

As the mother of four college-age children, I have frequently referred to the founder of this newspaper, Mary Baker Eddy, for her concise, compelling counsel on this subject, ''Chastity is the cement of civilization and progress.'' (Science and Health p. 57:1) What a great service we can provide by cherishing mankind's purity in every possible way. The result is true freedom.

Roz Gutelius Weston, Mass.

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