Snow flakes don't conflict. At first, they fall singly. One white petal from the clouds alights on your sleeve and slowly vanishes there. A second and a third float down, alight, and vanish. Soundlessly.

You're standing at the edge of a wood with leaves still rich about your feet. You close your eyes. One at a time, the snow petals descend unhurriedly to touch your face to linger there to becomes tears to continue falling.... You open your eyes. Without a whisper, those old leaves have accepted the noiseless dusting of the snow.

The white petals suddenly proliferate. Day becomes alive with falling. Slow, irrevocable, beneficent. It's snowing in you.... Like a great, irreversible peace, the same forgiving snow is filling your thought of Bosnia, Ireland, Quebec. Yes, it's snowing in Israel and in Nigeria! A deepening, uncompromising, universal whitening - making all things still and equal.

Snow flakes don't conflict. They coalesce.


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