Small Businesses Say: 'Dole's Our Man'

IF the presidential election were decided by small-business owners, Sen. Bob Dole of Kansas would be the big winner.

The Republican presidential candidate was supported by 42 percent of the 400 owners polled recently in a survey sponsored by Comprehensive Business Services Inc. (CBS), a financial-services chain based in Carlsbad, Calif. The No. 2 choice of small-business leaders would be House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R) of Georgia. President Clinton tied with Ross Perot for fourth place, the survey reports.

Small businesses are generally considered one of the driving forces of the US economy. ''We think it's important that their voices be heard,'' notes C. Robert Wissler, president and chief executive officer of CBS.

Although almost half of those entrepreneurs polled rated the US business climate as ''discouraging,'' 81 percent said they made a profit last year. Also, the majority of respondents expect their profits to increase in 1995 compared with 1994.

As for legislation in Congress, the majority of businesses support balanced-budget reform, a cut in capital-gains tax, and a flat income-tax rate.

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