Aug. 18, 1995: The Monitor reports on an Aug. 16 visit to mass graves near the Bosnian Serb-held village of Nova Kasaba. A human leg and documents from Srebrenica are found.

Oct. 2: Nine credible survivors of mass executions interviewed say at least 2,000 Muslim prisoners were executed by Bosnian Serb forces after the fall of Srebrenica. Survivors say they saw Bosnian Serb commander Gen. Ratko Mladic at four of the sites.

Oct. 24: In interviews, UN officials and Western diplomats say Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic probably knew of the Srebrenica massacres, but failed to stop them. Muslims report that officers from Serbia participated in the attack on Srebrenica.

Nov. 16: On an Oct. 29 visit to two mass graves and an execution site near Sahanici, human remains, civilian clothing, and documents from Srebrenica with Muslim names on them are found.

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