Polls Show Voter Discontent and Powell Angst

AMERICANS are becoming increasingly discontented and more willing to consider an alternative to the two traditional political parties one year before the 1996 election.

Slightly more than half of the registered voters surveyed by the Los Angeles Times said they were likely to vote against President Clinton during next year's election. But the poll also indicated doubts about the Republican-led Congress, with only 12 percent of those surveyed saying they have much confidence in Congress.

The poll suggests the waves of discontent that swept Mr. Clinton into office in 1992 and then led to the Republican revolution in Congress just two years later have not finished reordering the political landscape, the newspaper said.

Democrats led slightly when voters were asked which party they would support for Congress next year.

A separate survey found that New Hampshire voters were worried over whether retired Gen. Colin Powell had the experience to be president. Mr. Powell would have the support of 27 percent of likely Republican voters in the key first-primary state if he decides to run, tying him with Sen. Bob Dole (R) of Kansas, the Boston Sunday Herald reported.

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