A United Canada

Youth voted massively ''yes....'' Contrary to a pop ideology, [Canada] is not seen as a partner of the past, but of the future. There is a slow and irresistible movement, a surge of self-confidence of a people long placed in a situation of dependence.

A common-sense solution could be drawn. The federation should tighten itself into nine English provinces where the language, the culture and the national origin push them to intimately unite. With the federation, Quebec would form a confederation ... to give the Quebeckers the feeling of a recognized nation, a free country, a state that is master of its destiny.

- Le Figaro, Paris

(T)he victory by a close margin leads to the belief that the difficulties have not ended ... Quebec nationalism and the restiveness of the Francophones will persist. The process of recovering that identity has not ended.

- Excelsior, Mexico City

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