A weekly update of video releases

* ROB ROY - The story of this Scottish legend is transformed into a tartan western, complete with cattle rustling, sword-toting showdowns, and evenings around the campfire. Although Liam Neeson gives a solid performance as Rob Roy, Tim Roth steals the show as the evil Archie - thief, misogynist, and scourge of the Highlands. The dialogue is stagy and cliched at times, but the stunning scenery and a soundtrack featuring some of the best traditional artists help distract the viewer's attention. (R, MGM/UA Home Video)

- Alison Boyles

* CASPER - The friendly ghost of comic-book fame just wants a friend; his uncles just want to have fun haunting a mansion. Bad guys (including Eric Idle from ''Monty Python'') want the ghosts out so they can find hidden treasure. Enter Dr. Harvey, a psychologist hired to exorcise the ghosts by counseling them, and daughter Cat, who aspires to fit in at her new school. The bizarre premise and labored plot are simply an excuse for elaborate animated special effects. In short: It's a bomb. (PG, MCA/Universal Home Video)

- Owen Thomas

* MAJOR PAYNE - Damon Wayans (of TV's ''In Living Color'') stars as Major Payne in this bland and silly tale about teaching ROTC students how to become men. After being let go from the military, Payne has an urge to kill and wants a job that will allow him to release his aggressions. When he is assigned to the ROTC program at a military school, he forces his cadets to run around in dresses and shave their heads, and he constantly calls them demeaning names. The movie's ridiculous attempt at humor is weak and the plot is unoriginal. Better leave this one on the shelf - not one line in this movie will make you laugh. (PG-13, MCA/Universal Home Video)

- Lisa Leigh Parney

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