Art in the 20th Century

1900 - 1909

1905 First Fauve exhibit; Die Brucke (german Expressionist movement) founded; Stieglitz shows modernist art in N.Y.

1907 Brancusi carves first abstract sculpture

1908 Picasso and Braque found Cubism

1908-1913 Ashcan School takes city as subject in U.S

1910 - 1920

1910 Kandinsky paints first abstract canvas; Futurist issue Manifesto

1913 Armory Show introduces avant-garde to U.S.

1916 Dada begins

1917 De Stijl founded

1918 Bauhaus founded


1920 Mexican muralists active

1924 Surrealists issue Manifesto


1930 Social realists active in U.S.

1932 Calder invents mobile sculpture; Soviets suppress Constructivism

1937 Hitler ridicules modernist art as ''degenerate''


1945 Dubuffet champions ''L~Art Brut'' (''raw'' of outsider art)


1950 Abstract Expressionism recognized

1952 Critic harold Rosenberg coins term ''action painting''

1959 Allen Kaprow invents ''happening''


1960 Frank Stella exhibits ''hard edge'' canvases

1962 First Pop Art show

1964 Op-Art begins

1965 Minimalism recognized

1967 Conceptual Art developed

1969 Judy Chicago founds feminist art program


1970 Post-Modernism catches on

1972 Photo-Realism shown

1972 Art prices escalate at auction

1975 Graffiti art exhibited

1976 Performance art shown

1977 Blockbuster King Tut show tours


1980s ''Appropriationart'' recycles past images

1981 Neo-Expressionism exhibited

1986 Installations become trend

1989 Senator Jesse Helms attacks ''obscene'' art


1993 Whiteny Biennial showcases political art

1994 1st U.S. museum displays art on World Wide Web

1995 Hermitage exhibits ''lost'' masterpieces

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