* The Air National Guard proposes 41 separate modifications and expansions to military training areas for jet fighters in roughly three-dozen states. Many would lower the altitude at which fighter pilots can fly. The largest and most controversial plans are in the Northeast and in Colorado.

* In Alaska, the Air Force hopes to create an aerial mock-combat zone that would allow supersonic training over 70,000 square miles of the state's interior, including the Yukon-Charlie National Preserve.

* In eastern Washington, the Army is adding 60,000 acres to its 260,000-acre Yakima Training Center, which will be used for increased tank, troop, aerial bombardment, and artillery practice.

* In southern California, the Army proposes to annex another 320,000 acres onto the National Training Center at Ft. Irwin.

* In Nevada, the Navy wants to add 180,000 acres to its series of desert bombing ranges in order to create an electronic battlefield. It would close off public lands that have been contaminated with stray munitions.

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