How to Find a Job When You Have One

MOST have heard the advice: Don't quit one job before you have another one lined up. But how do you look for a job when you are currently employed? Jackie Keagy, an outplacement counselor with Consulting firm Personnel Decision Inc., offers 10 tips:

1. Don't feel obligated to let your employer know you are looking for a new job.

2. Take on new assignments that will make you more employable.

3. Be responsible about absences.

4. Be careful who serves as your reference. Will they keep your job search quiet?

5. Don't use company resources such as letterhead and the photocopier.

6. Present your company and your current supervisor in a positive light.

7. Don't reveal your current firm's business strategy or proprietary information.

8. Don't say you've accepted another offer if what you really want is a counter offer.

9. Tell your immediate supervisor first that you are leaving. Put the news in a positive light.

10. Send handwritten thank-you notes during and after your job search.

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