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Set up CIA 'Repentance' Fund To Help Haiti

How ironic that the two opinion-page articles "Haiti's Needs Extend Far Beyond Next March" and "Spying Out New Roles For Central Intelligence Agency," Oct. 5, appear next to one another.

These two authors should get together and establish that Haiti's long miserable situation (i.e., "the national legacy of dictatorship") was only exacerbated by covert CIA support for those past leaders.

When CIA director John Deutch achieves that much-needed "improved analysis," he may decide to recommend that a few of the billions that support the "new" CIA be reapportioned to a repentance fund for Haiti. This would begin to make amends to those who suffered repression, rape, and economic ruin during the three years of the most recent military regime.

Judith Kelly

Arlington, Va.

Witness for Peace Haiti Task Force

An education in multiethnicity

I was pleased to read the article "Florida Draws New Race Line," Sept. 29. If students are asked to state racial identity, they should have the right to describe themselves as accurately and inclusively as they choose.

Multiracial children deserve to see themselves possessing all the best qualities of all of their ancestors. They are special individuals whose life experience can enhance racial tolerance, and they play an important role in the current chapter of our diverse and vital American way of life.

Amanda Eagle

Santa Ynez, Calif.

Give welfare a parenting focus

Regarding the articles "Will Welfare Reform Bill Stretch Far Enough?" and "Caregivers Want to Focus on the Child in Child Care," Sept. 27: The authors hit the nail on the head - child care should focus on children.

Even more to the point, in any "welfare" program, emphasis should be on training for parenthood first and on keeping mothers home with babies for two years, the period when bonding between a parent and a child is crucial. Thank you for the words that remind the public and legislators that it is the child in child care, not the working mother, on whom the focus should lie.

Bess M. Tittle

San Diego

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