Account of women taken

KADIR HABIBOVIC said he hid himself on one of the first buses taking women and children from the Dutch United Nations base in Potocari to government-held territory in Kladanj.

But he was caught by Bosnian Serb soldiers and taken a few miles south to a school in the village of Luke, where he was tortured with 21 other men on July 13.

One man who tried to sneak across the border in women's clothes was singled out for harsher treatment, he said.

Habibovic also saw at least one vehicle full of Muslim women being driven away from Bosnian government-held territory.

One of his captors at one point complained that they were not getting a good choice of the Muslim women from Srebrenica. Habibovic's account corroborates reports from refugees that Srebrenica women were possibly raped by Bosnian Serb soldiers.

Habibovic said the men were taken to a remote location near Rasica Gai late in the evening. When the first group was taken from the truck and shot, he said he leapt from the truck and tumbled down a nearby slope.

Gunfire from the soldiers missed him and he escaped. He later heard a large amount of gunfire, which he believes were the other prisoners being killed.

He reached .government-held territory on Aug 20, with his wounds still fresh.

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