Shooting of Muslim Men Tied in pairs

A YOUNG man said he and 25 to 30 other Muslim men, half of whom were armed, were captured by Bosnian Serb soldiers near the village of Zabrde on July 13. He said the prisoners were tied to each other, and told they were being taken to Nova Kasaba.

After being marched toward Manovici for several minutes, two Bosnian Serb soldiers in front of the group ran off the path. Just after that, the other 10 Bosnian Serb soldiers behind them opened fire on the prisoners.

The survivor said he and his tied companion tumbled down a slope and were believed dead by the Serbs. His companion hurt his foot but survived. They later separated, and the young man said he crossed the front line on Aug. 5. The fate of his companion is unknown.

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