Captured UN Vehicle Tricks Muslims

A MAN who asked not to be named said he was lined up with 16 other prisoners on the banks of the Jadar River in the village of Kuslat and shot on July 12. The man's wounds matched his story.

He said Bosnian Serb soldiers repeatedly fired at him as he tried to swim away, but he was carried by the current of the river downstream.

The man accurately described buildings and temporary Bosnian Serb military barracks in the village of Konjevic Polje, which is near Kuslat and was visited by the Monitor in mid-August.

When he was captured, the man said, he and other prisoners were forced to walk in front of a United Nations armored personnel carrier that the Bosnian Serb soldiers had seized from the Dutch battalion guarding Srebrenica.

The move apparently tricked Muslims into thinking they were surrendering under UN auspices.

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