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Dates in parentheses indicate a full-length review of the film in the Monitor. * PULP FICTION - Quentin Tarantino's film is such a cleverly deranged affair, it's hard to know what to make of it. Tarantino's characters are hit men (John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson) and other wackos without a shred of morality, and yet they are oddly captivating in moments when they are not committing horrendous acts of violence. The viewer's rational mind tells him that this movie has not one redeeming quality, and yet he laughs at Travolta trying to entertain his mob boss's petulant girlfriend, or marvels at Jackson quoting vengeful Bible passages. Some people will find it uproariously funny; others will be grossed out. Warning: The violence is gory and the profanity plentiful. (R, Miramax, May 25, 1994) - April Austin * NOBODY'S FOOL - Richard Russo's book inspired this melancholy look at life in a working-class New York town. Much of the film's strength comes from its cast, which includes veterans Paul Newman and the late Jessica Tandy, and contemporary players like Bruce Willis and Melanie Griffith. The story unfolds slowly in a series of vignettes linked by Newman's character, the hapless Donald ''Sully'' Sullivan. These show how Sully is affected by his family, by the town's one-legged lawyer, and its most famous philandering husband. Newman earned an Oscar nomination for his portrayal. (R, Paramount, Dec. 23, 1994) - Kim Campbell * A GOOFY MOVIE - Goofy and his teenage son Max set out across country on a fishing trip that is equal parts goofy adventure and self-discovery - well, maybe mostly goofy adventure. But fun. The message is simple and sincere, the animation is rich, and the songs are catchy. There's enough Disney self-parody to keep older children and parents amused. (G, Walt Disney Home Video) - Owen Thomas

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