Searching for Peace in Kashmir

The premise drawn in the editorial ''Trouble in Shangri-La,'' Aug. 30, is dangerous and unfair to the Muslims of Kashmir. The solution lies in having them break themselves away from the yoke of alien Hindu rule imposed on them by the force of arms since 1947. This can only be done through the United Nations mandated plebiscite to which India had agreed but reneged on subsequently. Pakistan has consistently and repeatedly advocated that India accept and implement the plebiscite promised to the Kashmiris, without further delay. Such a move would greatly improve the peaceful atmosphere in the region rather than exacerbating tension and vitiating peace in South Asia.

Syed Rifaat Hussain Washington

Press Minister

Embassy of Pakistan

The editorial failed to take into account the crucial need for the international community to stand firm in condemning religious fanaticism and terrorism in Kashmir. The unfortunate killing of the Norwegian tourist, Hans-Christian Ostro, graphically underlines the brutality and ruthlessness with which terrorists have operated in Kashmir. The Indian government is not tiptoeing around Kashmir. It has clearly stated that it is determined to revive the electoral process in Jammu and Kashmir as early as possible. The democratic process is bound to supplant violence in the state given the evidence that a vast majority of Kashmiri people seek the return of peace and normalcy.

Nirupama Rao Washington

Press Minister

Embassy of India

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