A Governor Voinovich Sampler

EXCERPTS from an interview with Ohio Gov. George Voinovich follow: * Manufacturing rebound: ''Many Americans have not realized that the manufacturing sector of this country's economy has come back with a vengeance. Fifteen years ago they said everything was moving into services or to the Sun Belt.... Ohio has seen a transformation in reverse.'' * Education: ''We are finding now an enormous interest in tailoring education to the marketplace. In Medina, the business community has defined the curriculum for the kids and said they will hire graduates from the list of those following it. Teachers, parents, and kids are transformed because they know they are going to get a job....'' * Federal welfare reform: ''Republican and Democratic governors are going to have to put the country ahead of politics or there are going to be tough times ahead. [States] feel we can do a lot more with the money [than the federal government can]....'' * Unfunded federal mandates: ''Twelve cents of every dollar spent in cities is on unfunded mandates and by 1998 it will be 25 cents. I am in favor of Sen. Dole's regulatory relief package....'' * Business incentives: ''We are giving an investment tax credit in the state for three years. If you build a facility outside an urban area, we give you 7 percent. Inside, we give you 14 percent. If you hire a welfare recipient, we give you a $1,000 credit against income tax. If you give welfare recipients incentives, you have to give incentives to business to stay, expand, and work with us.''

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