An occasional update of New York theater openings

The first two productions reviewed here, ''Deviant Craft'' and ''C'est La Vie,'' represent two of the more conceptually interesting shows presented in nontraditional spaces.

* DEVIANT CRAFT (Creative Time): The new work by W. David Hancock, OBIE winner for last season's ''Convention of Cartography.'' ''Deviant Craft'' was presented in the Anchorage, the massive stone foundation for the Brooklyn Bridge, featuring vaulted chambers more than 50 feet high. This highly conceptual piece revolved around a misbegotten production of ''The Tempest'' supposedly being presented by the ''Phlogiston Foundation,'' a fictional penal colony for women who have committed violent crimes. But the work itself did not live up to its dramatic setting. (Extended through Aug. 13.)

* C'EST LA VIE (Lincoln Center Out of Doors/Dancing in the Streets): A highly ambitious piece conceived and directed by Veronique Guillaud. For several nights over the last week, hundreds of New Yorkers gathered in the outdoor plaza at Lincoln Center, gazing, with binoculars in hand, at the windows of the Radisson Empire Hotel across the street. There, dozens of actors, visible through the windows of the rooms, enacted mini-dramas, which the audience heard through headphones tuned into a low-frequency radio signal. The writing and acting didn't measure up to the ambitiousness of the concept, but the experience was certainly unforgettable.

* PETS! (Theatre East): A musical revue celebrating the joys and sorrows of pet ownership, with sketches and songs contributed by 17 composers and lyricists, performed by an engaging five-member cast and a few live animals who act with blase indifference. Directed and choreographed by Helen Butleroff, ''Pets!'' is a bland, cheerful entertainment that has its moments, but most of the material lacks any real distinction.

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