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The world's largest cabbage weighed in at 124 lbs and was grown by Bernard Lavery of Llanharry, Wales, in 1989. Lavery also holds the world record for the largest celery (46 lbs, 1 oz), marrow (108 lbs, 2 oz), parsnip (171-3/4 inches), cucumber (20 lbs, 1 oz), and zucchini (64 lbs, 8 oz). Even so, his favorite vegetables are pumpkins and squash.

The cabbage, which belongs to the mustard family, has been around since 600 BC. The first cabbage sightings were in Asia Minor and Eastern Mediterranean islands.

And as long as there has been cabbage, there has been sauerkraut. The ancient Romans used to make this dish of fermented cabbage. The recipe was lost to Europe for several centuries, until it was reintroduced from China in the 13th century.

To make sauerkraut, you take finely shredded cabbage and layer it with salt in a large crock or wooden tub. Weight it down with a heavy lid and let it stand in the refrigerator for more than a month. (You can also add caraway seeds or peppercorn for variety.)

Slang: In addition to the vegetable, if you're talking about a cabbage, you could be referring to paper money; somebody dull or spiritless; or the cloth left over after a garment has been cut.

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