Taiwan, the PRC, and missile testing

The article ''China's Shot Across Bow of Taiwan Riles Asians,'' July 24, is a poignant reminder that the People's Republic of China (PRC) continues to be a threatening force in the Asia-Pacific region.

Since July 21, the PRC has launched a week-long surface-to-surface missile test approximately 85 miles off Taiwan's northern coast. Concern over such belligerent tactics is not limited to Taiwan; there is great concern that they will lead to instability in the entire region.

The government of the Republic of China on Taiwan recognizes that China is divided at present. It seeks, however, to establish a unified China which is democratic, free, and equitably prosperous as outlined in its guidelines for National Unification; it has never advocated independence. In the interim, however, for the purpose of nurturing the nascent cross-straits relationship with mainland China, it's imperative that the PRC not resort to the use of force to settle this issue, a view strongly supported by the international community.

Eddy Tsai Boston Director of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office

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