Network Earth (TBS, 11-11:30 p.m. EDT): With this installment, the weekly newsmagazine of environmental issues begins a series of eight specials, each on a different topic. First up: "Home Renovation in the '90s." Reporters participate in home-renovation scenarios, pointing out environmental, financial, and health concerns that may arise when working on a house. The program also flashes back to a similar special "Network Earth" did two years ago, "Home Buying in the '90s."

The newsmagazine has compiled a resource guide to accompany the special, listing government, business, and nonprofit sources that can provide additional environment- and budget-friendly renovation tips.


Storytime (PBS, 10:30 -11 a.m.): Kino is a spunky youngster who gets books read to him all the time. "Storytime" hopes that Kino's enthusiastic example will open the world of literature to other children, too.

Kino is actually a puppet performed by Mark Ritts, who is entering his second season aboard the acclaimed series from KCET in Los Angeles. The regular cast also includes Marabina Jaimes (Mara) and Anne Betancourt (Lucy), who read and discuss books with Kino and groups of young children. This first program of the new season features an appearance by Tim Allen of "Home Improvement," who will read "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs."

Other celebrity guests appearing on the daily series in July will be Annie Potts, Robert Guillaume, Little Richard, Jamie Walters, Marion Ross, Kirk Douglas, Teri Garr, Kirsten Dunst, Joanna Cassidy, Amy Hill, and Theresa Saldana.

Books considered for "Storytime" go through a careful selection process, which includes screening by the series' producers, a test-run "read-aloud" for a young audience, and review by an advisory board composed of teachers, librarians, and other child experts.

Please check local listings for these programs.

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