A weekly update of video releases

Dates in parentheses indicate a full-length review of the film in the Monitor.

* LITTLE WOMEN - (PG, Columbia TriStar Home Video). This third screen adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's 1868 children's classic is as gentle as it is picturesque. The story, based on events from Alcott's life, revolves around the fictional March family's four daughters as they come of age in Concord, Mass., during the Civil War era. The triumphs and tragedies of the sisters' transition to adulthood unfold in a heartwarming, simple way. Winona Ryder, who stars as the intelligent and headstrong Jo, earned a best-actress Oscar nomination for her efforts. Also starring Susan Sarandon, Trini Alvarado, Gabriel Byrne, and Eric Stoltz. (Dec. 23, 1994)

- Kim Campbell

* DISCLOSURE - (R, Warner Home Video). Michael Douglas and Demi Moore star in this high-tech movie about business mergers, computers, and sexual harassment. Only this time, the woman is the one doing the harassing. As a former lover of Tom (Douglas), Meredith (Moore) abuses her position of power at a Seattle computer company to try to seduce him. Based on Michael Crichton's bestseller, the movie is entertaining and exhilarating, but falls short of character depth. Although Douglas and Moore have the starring roles in this movie, Roma Lopez, as Douglas's brilliant lawyer, is outstanding. (Dec. 9, 1994)

- Lisa Leigh Parney

* LEGENDS OF THE FALL - (R, Columbia TriStar Home Video). Fall is right. A convoluted storyline and lackluster acting combine to make the film a ponderous melodrama rather than the stirring epic it tries to be. Set during World War I, the movie traces the lives of a frontier family in Montana, led by a patriarchal ex-colonel played by Anthony Hopkins. (Hopkins's usually fine acting is hampered by the stroke his character suffers, which renders him speechless midway through the film.) Brad Pitt, Aidan Quinn, and Henry Thomas star as the three brothers; Julia Ormond is the woman who tears them apart. The one bright spot is spectacular Oscar-winning cinematography, featuring breathtaking panoramas.

- Yvonne Zipp

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