Fort McClellan, Ala.; Fort Pickett, Va.; Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa.; Fort Chaffee, Ark.; Fort Ritchie, Md.; Fort Totten, N.Y.; Savanna Army Depot Activity, Ill.; Sierra Army Depot, Calif.; Stratford Army Engine Plant, Conn.; Detroit Army Tank Plant, Mich.; Bayonne Military Ocean Terminal, N.J.; Oakland Army Base, Calif.; Fitzsimons Army Medical Center, Colo.; Aviation Troop Command, Mo.; Concepts Analysis Agency, Md.; Information Systems Software Com- mand, Ala.; Baltimore Publications Distribution Center, Md.; Bellmore Logistics Activity, N.Y.; Big Coppett Key, Fla.; Camp Bonneville, Wash.; Camp Kilmer, N.J.; East Fort Baker, Calif.; Fort Missoula, Mont.; Recreation Center No. 2, N.C.; Rio Vista US Army Reserve Center, Calif.; Sudbury Training Annex, Mass.; Branch US Disciplinary Barracks, Calif.; Valley Grove US Army Reserve Center, W.Va.


McClellan Air Force Base, Sacramento, Calif.; Reese Air Force Base, Fla.; Bergstrom Air Reserve Base, Texas; Real-Time Digitally Controlled Analyzer Processor Activity, Buffalo, N.Y.; Chicago O'Hare Reserve Station, Ill.


Long Beach Naval Shipyard, Calif.; Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Conversion and Repair, Long Beach, Calif.; South Weymouth Naval Air Station, Mass.; Adak Naval Air Facility, Alaska; Surface Warfare Center, Louisville, Ky.; Air Warfare Center, Indianapolis, Ind.; Air Warfare Center, Warminster, Pa.; Command and Control Ocean Survelliance Center, Warminster, Pa.; Air Warfare Center, Oreland, Pa.; Undersea Warfare Center, New London, Conn.; Biodynamics Laboratory, New Orelans, La.; Medical Research Institute, Bethesda, Md.; Research Lab, Underwater Sound Reference, Orlando, Fla.; Guam Ship Repair Facility; Guam Fleet Industrial Supply Center; Fleet and Industrial Supply Center, Oakland, Calif.; Fleet and Industrial Supply Center, Charleston, S.C.; Personnel Research and Development Center, San Diego, Calif.; Surface Warfare Center, Annapolis, Md.; Surface Warfare Center, White Oak, Md.; Air Technical Services Facility, Philadelphia, Pa.; Aviation Engineering Service Unit, Philadelphia, Pa.; Management Systems Support Office, Chesapeake, Va.

Reserve Centers in: Huntsville, Ala., Pomona, Calif., Santa Ana, Calif., Stockton, Calif., Cadillac Mich., Staten Island, N.Y., Laredo, Texas, Sheboygan, Wis.; Air Reserve Center, Olathe, Kan.; Region Seven, Naval Reserve Readiness Command, S.C.; Region Ten, Naval Reserve Readiness Command, New Orleans, La.


Fort Holabird, Baltimore, Md.; Defense Distribution Depot, Memphis, Tenn.; Defense Distribution Depot, Ogden, Utah; Defense Logistics Supply Center, Philadelphia, Pa.; Defense Contract Management District South, Marietta, Ga.

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