Don't place blame on computers

IT was only a matter of time before computers, on-line services, and the Internet started catching blame for some of the ills of society.

Many Americans have become masters at shoving blame other than where it really belongs.

When a teenager runs away from home, it's easier to blame the computer or an on-line service than it is to focus on problems the teen may be having at home, in school, or with his or her social life.

Following this sort of logic, the way to keep young people happy and at home would be to deny them access to a computer ... The trouble then would be, we'd have to shift blame elsewhere when the problems persisted.

In recent years, television has been blamed for corrupting the young, sugar has been the culprit when children misbehave, automobiles catch the blame for injuring people, guns receive credit for murdering people, and alcohol is credited with much of the violence we see in society.

Those leveling blame miss the point.

The only way we will eliminate society's ills is by attacking their root: How we as citizens shape our families and our society.

As long as we don't take personal responsibility, but place the blame elsewhere, the problems will persist.... Isn't it time Americans refused to give in to excuses?

- The Daily Times, Farmington, N.M.

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