Robert Reich, one of the Clinton adminstration's chief provocateurs, hits a nerve with his pithy observations on everything from jobs to the GOP.

On jobs

"People expect a change. In two years, although jobs came back, wages and job security did not."

On society

"We are on the way to becoming a two-tiered society composed of a few winners and a larger group left behind, whose anger and disillusionment is easily manipulated."

On the Republican revolution

"Now, some people predicted that [Clinton's 1993 economic plan] would throw us back into recession.... They're offering America a different plan, one which would take us backwards.

"They want to give big tax breaks to the wealthy, they want to finance it out of cuts in everything from school lunches and child nutrition to education and job training and summer jobs.

"They want to essentially do Robin Hood in rewind: pick the pockets of the working Americans and the poor and put it into the purses of the wealthy. The great American job machine is humming. They want to gum up the works."

- A. K.

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