US Embassy Move To Jerusalem Won't Hinder Negotiations

US Embassy Move To Jerusalem Won't Hinder Negotiations

The opinion-page article "An Unpeaceful Move," May 23, contains several inaccuracies.

The author incorrectly states that Jerusalem is technically under the legal auspices of the United Nations. In fact, the Arab states rejected the UN 1947 Partition Plan, the basis of the author's assertion. Instead of accepting the plan, which would have led to one Arab state and one Jewish state, Arab armies invaded the fledgling Israeli state in 1948. The Israeli victory led to the 1949 Armistice Agreements that gave Israel control over western Jerusalem.

The author reveals his hostility when he refers to the Israelis as "squatters" in Jerusalem, devoid of any legal rights to the land. Even Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat does not dispute Israeli sovereignty ixn western Jerusalem. The proposed site for the US embassy is located in this undisputed area. The proposed legislation will not prevent Israeli and Palestinian peace negotiators from deciding issues relating to Jerusalem that still divide them.

Steve Bockneck Chevy Chase, Md.

A patent problem

Thank you for the article "Developers of Software Get Boost from Federal Patent Office," June 6. Unfortunately, the article repeats a misperception about patent law that has landed more than a few patent owners into trouble. It states that a patent owner has an exclusive right to make and sell the invention. Many inventions are covered by more than one patent, and a patent owner may be infringing someone else's patent by making, using, or selling her own patented invention. As a practicing patent attorney, I would advise any patent owner to conduct a search for other patents that one might infringe before making any sizable investment in marketing or producing an invention.

Scott R. Hansen Los Angeles

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