Kudos from a 'Kiwi abroad'

As a ''Kiwi abroad,'' the sentiments that were expressed in the editorial ''Sailing With New Zeal,'' May 16, are appreciated.

The qualities of good sportsmanship, technological innovation, hard work, enthusiasm, and Yankee, or to a New Zealander, Kiwi, ingenuity, really know no national boundaries.

That they were demonstrated with such grace, humility, and good-natured humor by the crew of Black Magic and their support team of more than 3 million speaks volumes for a society that honors, and respects, not only individual initiative, but cooperative team and community participation that plays fair and to the rules.

What a blessing for all competitive sports should this victory go some way to putting an end to the ''win-at-all-costs rule-bending that distracts from the pure sport.''

Richard Sellens Eugene, Ore.

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