Relocating US Embassy: Not a Smart Move

Relocating US Embassy: Not a Smart Move

What a shame that Senate majority leader Bob Dole and House Speaker Newt Gingrich feel so compelled to push for the relocation of the United States Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a city with such an uncertain future.

If the US is to aid in the Middle East peace talks, shouldn't we make every effort to assert our neutrality? It appears Israel's human and property rights violations against Palestinians in the West Bank and other occupied territories are of no consequence.

John V. Flores, Alhambra, Calif.

Be leery of demagogues

Why are we paying attention to the Christian Coalition's Ralph Reed at all? He is nothing more than Pat Robertson's shill.

The focus should be on Mr. Robertson, not Mr. Reed. Robertson built his power base from his presidential run in 1988. He has parlayed his tax-exempt ministry into a multimillion-dollar fortune and created a political machine with the ultimate goal of turning America into a Christian theocracy. Robertson has many views that can only be described as bizarre.

Do I have a problem with someone getting involved politically and expressing his views? No. But we should all be wary of narrow-minded demagogues.

Alan L. Light, Iowa City, Iowa

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