An occasinal updat of music releases


Bruce Springsteen -- Greatest Hits (Columbia):

For Springsteen purists, the bonus on this disc comes with four previously unreleased cuts featuring the E-Street Band (which disbanded in 1989). While these songs don't classify as hits, they do give fans some new music to chew on. But for longtime fans, the album may feel somewhat empty. It features no material from his first two albums; and many would argue that some of his best music is not included. While ''Born in the USA'' and ''Dancing in the Dark'' were hits, other songs here never cracked top 40. These aren't Springsteen's ''Greatest Hits,'' but 18 songs that range from superb to above-average.

Vince Winkel


The Complete Capitol Live Recordings of George Shearing (Mosaic):

In the late 1950s, pianist Shearing rose to fame with his innovative approach, particularly with a style known as ''locked hands,'' in which his right hand, rather than only playing the melody, played clustered chords. These 58 tracks, recorded from 1958 to 1963, capture Shearing and his quintet at their best and at their commercial peak, playing originals, jazz standards, and bebop.

Frank Scheck


Lisa Redfern -- In the Asking (Hurricane Music): Lisa Redfern has gathered songs from old and new countries and old and new times, and added a few originals for spice. She also gathered a talented group of folks to help perform them. The result is a very listenable disc of songs ranging from traditional ballads to Leadbelly's ''Alberta'' and Bruce Springsteen's ''My Father's House.'' Redfern, based in Camden, Maine, has a strong voice and adapts it well to the wide range of material. Of particular beauty are hymns ''Farther Along,'' with its chorus in wonderful harmony, and ''Danny Boy,'' accompanied only by her classical guitar. To attempt the latter, near a cappella, is no slight undertaking; Redfern pulls it off nicely.

Jef Scoville

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