Readers Tell Congress What It Should Do In the Next 100 Days

I would like to see Congress achieve the following during the next 100 days:

* Include the defense budget and our commitments to the Camp David Accords in the budget trimming exercise.

* The Senate should listen to the majority of Americans, who give higher priority to budget deficit reduction than to tax cuts, and reject the tax cuts legislation passed by the House.

* Continue to debate welfare reform and reopen debate on health-care reform.

* Begin a dialogue with the American people that will lead to a better understanding among all of us about the importance of cooperative ties among nations and people through such institutions as the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to achieving world peace.

* Do not reduce any further the funds allocated for crime prevention in the existing crime bill.

Rudy Ramp, Arcata, Calif.

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