Readers Tell Congress What It Should Do In the Next 100 Days

The opinion-page article ''House Members Are Looking Ahead to Second 100 Days,'' April 13, asks readers the question, ''What would you like Congress to do in the next 100 days?'' I would like to see Congress tackle the issue of entitlement spending and then use those savings to reduce the budget deficit.

The debate about entitlements should have been educational to all those who listened. A relatively large percentage of the budget goes to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. At the same time, relatively little goes to foreign aid, public television, and all the types of programs that the Republicans are pointing to as evidence of wasteful spending.

The money saved by trimming government should be applied to the budget deficit. The US dollar is in trouble. Instead of giving me a tax break, give me a break on deficit spending.

J. Brian Hovis, Olympia, Wash.

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