Listeners Should Vent Anger on Talk Radio

Listeners Should Vent Anger on Talk Radio

Regarding the editorial ''Anger on the Airwaves,'' April 27: As a staunch fan of conservative talk radio, I strongly reject the notion that this medium contributes, even remotely, to violent acts such as the Oklahoma City bombing.

Open, up-front discussion of issues -- including open disagreement with government policy -- is right, normal, and healthful. We need to take a hard, honest look at some issues that are behind much of the discord and unrest in the country today: assaults on the free-market system; attacks on freedom of speech, and association at schools and colleges; onerous firearms restrictions on law-abiding persons; and disregard of private-property rights.

It is wrongs like these that fuel antigovernment feeling in the first place -- as in the days before radio existed. If, by airing such issues, talk shows stir more citizen activism, this is a good sign. We should be concerned about governmental excesses. We also need to work within the democratic process to correct them.

Jim Hastings, Boston

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