Deceived (ABC, 9-11 p.m.): Goldie Hawn, John Heard, and others received some strong reviews for the credibility of their performances in this somewhat far-fetched and macabre psychological thriller getting its network TV debut in the ''ABC Monday Night Movie'' slot.

Released in 1991 and set in the world of art restoration, the film depicts a woman (Hawn) leading an apparently idyllic life. Her apparently idyllic husband (Heard), a museum curator, is killed in an auto accident -- or is he? -- after criminal deceptions on his part surface. Then things in general begin to unravel.

Damian Harris directs.


The Price of Fame (ABC, 10-11 p.m.): You wanted to be a star, now live with it. That's the way a realist like Johnny Carson views the invasion of the media into his life.

His refreshing response is both echoed and contradicted by a wide range of celebrities in this Barbara Walters special focusing on how the famous deal with their fame, and with its impact on themselves and especially their families.

The special offers both new footage and old clips (of people like the late Bette Davis). Some big names, like Carson and Paul Newman, are fixtures on the scene and take the long view.

Some are current stars worried about their durability. Ted Danson says that when he first starting making huge amounts of money, he felt guilty about it. (He got over it.) Eddie Murphy notes that ''success and power kind of isolate you. You don't know what people's intentions are.''

Some of those interviewed describe a dual person: the public image and their real selves. David Letterman feels that ''it's like somebody else's life.'' Sharon Stone says that she's come ''to think of it as her and me.''

The show offers a spectrum of such comments on an interesting problem few will ever have.

Please check local listings for these programs.

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