A weekly update of video releases

* STARGATE -- (PG-13, Live Entertainment). After Professor Daniel Jackson (James Spader) cracks the code on the Stargate, an ancient Egyptian artifact, he and a military brigade headed by Col. Jack O'Neil (Kurt Russell) travel to another world. As the intruders explore the civilization (with their guns always close at hand), the story takes on an unremarkable American-imperialist flavor; but the movie takes a twist when the foreigners discover that the powerful sun god, Ra, has the upper hand over humans on Earth. The sci-fi story line may appeal to a younger audience, but several violent scenes earned it a PG-13 rating.

Judy Nichols

* ONLY YOU -- (PG, Columbia TriStar Home Video). As the title promises, ''Only You'' borrows entertainingly from romantic lore. Unfortunately, it doesn't add to it.

Faith Corvach believes in destiny. So she can't pass up the chance to fly to Italy in search of the man her Ouija board named when she asked, at age 11, whom she'd marry. Faith's best friend and sister-in-law, Kate, (arguably the strongest character, played by Bonnie Hunt) insists on going along. As they follow the trail of mystery-man Damon Bradley, the lush Italian scenery steals the show.

Robert Downey Jr. puts on his usual charm, but Marisa Tomei's talents don't get much of a workout as Faith, whose ''mission'' seems to keep her perpetually dazed.

Stacy A. Teicher

* JASON'S LYRIC -- (R, Polygram Video). This sad yet moving tale portrays two brothers, Jason and Josh, who are growing up on the inner-city streets and coping with the death of their father. Although they have a common bond, the two are complete opposites: Jason is a hard worker and devoted, loving son; Josh, a heavy drinker filled with rage, is a drug dealer who spends his time in and out of prison. Beneath the anger and violence, however, is a love story. When Jason meets the love of his life, Lyric, she is everything that he had hoped for: a romantic, intelligent, and attractive woman. But Jason's responsibility to Josh may stand in the way of his happiness.

Lisa Leigh Parney

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