How Conscientious Objectors Distribute 'Taxes'

The article ''1040 Cheaters Beware: The Taxman Cometh,'' March 28, reminds us of the wrath of the government scorned. The Global Report ''Dodging Taxes and Fudging Forms is de Rigueur Around the World,'' April 12, gives us a sort of global human bond via our taxes.

But there is another facet to this experience. For the 1995 fiscal year, according to our calculations, 52 percent of federal income tax in the United States is going to pay for military expenditures.

Those who consider themselves opposed to political violence and war will find themselves in a dilemma. How can one refuse to take part in warmaking while still paying others to do so? The solution for many is to refuse to pay taxes to the federal government.

While the ''Taxman'' does not recognize my purpose, I am quite at odds with tax evaders. I experience no personal gain from my refusal to pay.

I tax myself; however, I direct this money toward needs I believe we as a society and our government as our representative have a responsibility to meet: food for those who are hungry, housing for those without, and medical care for the uninsured. Should the government extract from me the money it requires, I shall have been taxed twice.

Melinda Campopiano, Pittsburgh

War Tax Resistance Committee of Western Pennsylvania

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