Contract Watch

The Republicans pledged that by the 100th day of the 104th Congress (today), the following legislation would be brought to the House floor for debate and a vote. In fact, it took only 93 days.

m=Going backward ,=Going forward r=No action .=Passed

Fiscal Responsibility Act

Balanced-budget amendment (HJR1) m Defeated in Senate.1

Line-item veto (HR2, S4, S14) , Passed both Houses. In conference.2

Taking Back Our Streets Act (HR3)

Truth in sentencing ,

Exclusionary rule exemptions (HR666) ,

Death-penalty provisions (HR729) ,

Increased prison construction (HR667) ,

Additional law enforcement (HR728) ,

Personal Responsibility Act (HR4)

Welfare spending cuts ,

Welfare to minor mothers stopped ,

AFDC for additional children denied ,

Welfare limited to two years ,

Welfare work requirements ,

Family Reinforcement Act (HR11)

Child-support enforcement ,

Tax incentives for adoption ,

Parental rights in education ,

Stronger child-pornography laws ,

Elderly dependent-care tax credit ,

American Dream Restoration Act (HR6)

$500 per-child tax credit ,

Marriage tax repealed ,

''American Dream IRA Accounts'' ,

National Security Revitalization Act (HR7)

Limit UN peacekeeping role ,

Stronger national defense ,

Senior Citizens Fairness Act (HR8)

Higher Social Security earning limit ,

Repeal 1993 SS benefits tax hike ,

Tax break for home care for elderly ,

Job Creation/Wage Enhancement Act

Small-business incentives ,

Capital-gains tax cut (HR9) ,

Larger depreciation deductions ,

Risk assessment/cost-benefit analysis ,

Stronger Regulatory Flexibility Act ,

Unfunded-mandate reform (S1) . Signed into law.

Common Sense Legal Reform Act (HR10)

''Loser pays'' laws (HR988) ,

Limits on punitive damages ,

Reform product-liability laws (HR956) ,

Citizen Legislature Act

Term limits (HJR2, HJR3, SJR21) m Failed in House: 227 for, 204 against.

(two-thirds majority required)

Note: Some bills have been subdivided and their numbers may have changed.

1 Senator Dole has promised second vote.

2 White House has voiced support.

3 Gives families earning under $60,000 a $5,000 tax credit if they adopt. Gives those who care for an elderly relative at home a $500 tax credit annually.

4 Married couples could get tax credit up to $145. Gives families with adjusted gross incomes under $200,000 a $500 tax credit for each child under 18.

5 House-Senate negotiators agreed on a $3.1 billion supplemental defense spending bill. Missile-defense plan defeated.

6 Cuts capital-gains tax from 35 percent to 25 percent. Paperwork Reduction Act sent to President Clinton for signature.

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