THERE'S a talent pool the size of the Superdome among our readers, if the results of this design project are any indication. As part of our Super Bowl XXIX coverage on Jan. 27, we ran a story on the relaunch of an American football league in Europe and invited readers to design a uniform for a fictitious World League team from Mexico City, Paris, or Tokyo.

We were delighted by the response. We received 220 designs, from Washington to California, Maine to Georgia, and many places in between. Entries arrived from individuals as well as entire classes.

All ages seem to have been represented, from a four-year-old in New York who wanted to keep up with his 12-year-old brother, to a more mature Californian who, invited to give his ''grade in school (or occupation)'' wrote a good-natured ''never you mind.''

Reebok designed the uniforms to be worn by the six official teams, which begin play this weekend (see story, far right). The Monitor is grateful to Reebok for its cooperation, as well as for that of National Football League Properties Inc.

We had not intended to award prizes. When Reebok learned about the project, however, the company offered to send T-shirts to all those whose artwork appears on this page.

Many thanks to everyone who participated!

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